Server Information

LegendsRO is a free-to-play Ragnarok Online private server that seeks out to bring you the best and most fun Pre-Renewal experience possible. With us you can enjoy a multitude of official Instances, fully implemented Transcended Jobs, Custom Quests, and much more. We work hard on our updates and take pride in being able to offer something for everyone. So hop online and begin forging your own unforgettable adventure! If you are new to the game, you can read our Getting Started guide for more information.

Information for LegendsRO
Episode 13 Pre-Renewal
Max Level 255/120
Max Stats 255 (Transceded Job)
Max ASPD 196
Server Started Coming Soon
Party Share Range 15 Levels
Exp and Drop Rates
Base & Job 7000x
Quest Exp 7000x
Item Drop 10x
Card Drop 10x
MiniBoss Card Drop 0.01%
MVP Card Drop 0.01%

 Custom Features

We have also worked tirelessly to keep RO fresh by developing authentic experiences, which include our famed seasonal events. Below are a few exerpts of what we have on offer. If you would like to learn more about our customizations, including the player commands we provide, all of the other nitty-gritty details can be found on our forums.

Guild of the Month Season Guild Lord
Quest Board System Endless Tower
Gold Room Vending Map
Break The Seal Invasion
Treasure Hunter Quest Automated Events


With many events, there is always something to do! Our automated events activate several times a day. When it is time for such an event to begin, it is broadcast in-game.

Make sure to also keep an eye out for our GM-run events as well! We broadcast these in advance over our Discord. If you would like to receive these notifications, please stay tuned in our #events channel. Most of the events hosted by Game Masters give out Event Boxes not only to winners but sometimes to participants, too!

 PvP and PvM

While our official language remains English, we are a truly international server with players and staffs from all corners of the world. This means that there will always be many players online and help regardless of your timezone. Furthermore, as a small testimony to our European friends, we are proud to say we are fully GDPR compliant.

For PvP oriented players we have PVP room and areas, War of Emperium and guild vs guild events. If instead of fighting other players you would rather team up to take on difficult bosses, don't hesistate to try our Endless Tower Instances. These are challenging end-game PvM experiences for small parties.

  War of Emperium: First Edition  
[ Sunday | WoE 9PM-10PM | +8GMT ] [ Wednesday | WoE 9AM-10AM | +8GMT ]
[ Saturday | WoE 9PM-10PM | +8GMT ]
 New York, USA
[ Sunday | WoE 9AM-10AM | -4 GMT ] [ Wednesday | WoE 9PM-10PM | -4 GMT ]
[ Saturday | WoE 9AM-10AM | -4 GMT ]